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KitchenSpain is a univers for people probably appreciate beautiful tings and luxury in general. It is almost about materialism on a high level and it comes in many different shapes and sizes. Therefore, our mission at Kitchen Spain is most of all dedicated to provide luxury to the heart of the house, the kitchen and everything in regards to that. Consequently it is also about living a good life and to the fullest and preferably on business class, because we provide luxury to everybody that has interest in the life´s small and big finesses. What is common for all our clients is that they have the ability to dream and fantasize about big and small. In conclusion, Kitchen Spain is a world of inspiration, fascination and dreams come true hence we are ready to serve and attend your wishes and demands.


We are offering a wide range of kitchen appliances on our website. First of all coffee machines, kettles, blenders, beaters, juicers, toasters and scales. A big variety of products you need for your kitchen, to be fully equipped. We prioritize design and functionality to our products because your satisfaction is our goal. In KitchenSpain you will have access to the best brands with the best designs. Especially relevant brands like, Bugatti, Smeg or Bosch, probably some of the top brand in the international market with many prestigious awards in design.


In KitchenSpain we have a lot of options to set your table. From tableware to glassware we can offer the best products to you. The quality, nature, variety and number of objects you can use varies according to culture, religion, number of diners, cuisine and occasion. Maybe you would like to add some candles in a romantic night or serve your favourite meal in a special serving bowl. Another possibility could be serve drinks in amazing pitchers and jugs to admire the shape and lines of these practical sculptures. We are here to make your expectations and dreams come true.


All accessories you will need are here in KitchenSpain. We dispose many different utensils, from wine carafes to wine cellars, from manual corkscrews to decanters with cool elements. Almost all wine lovers want the best for their favourite wines, maybe a red wine or a white wine, doesn’t matter. All of them need different conditions to taste their flavor and savor. Finally, if you are looking for some accessories to complete your wine collection or something elegant to present, we have all that you can possibly desire.

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