In all kitchens there are small kitchen appliances, because they are essentials in our life. Whether it’s a toaster for making your toasts or warming your bread, or a coffee machine for that necessary first coffee in the morning. We need appliances working everyday and that work is the hardest all week long. So, if you’re looking for small kitchen appliances, this is the perfect place to start your search.

Coffee Machines

Bosch offers many different coffee machines, each one for each need.

  • Tassimo Coffee Machines: Easy and quick, just pop the disc in and press the button. Also you can choose between a big range of colours to match with your kitchen. There are more than 40 different drinks in this coffee machine.
  • Automatic Coffee Maker VeroAroma 300: This extraordinary coffee maker will be for a coffee lover that enjoys many different kinds of coffee: Espresso, cafe crema, cappuccino, cafe latte and latte macchiato for example.

“Everybody need a cup of coffee at morning”

Kitchen Machines

King of the kitchen appliances are the kitchen machines, with them we can cook complicated recipes having the best results. Nowadays these completes food mixers and processors are essentials in our kitchens. You will be in love of any of these kitchen machines:

Hand Mixers

These small kitchen appliances are the best friends for baking. Bosch have different models for different needs. All hand mixers are lightweight with ergonomically designed handle.


Blenders are powerful, robust and more versatile than a wide range of accessories. These kitchen appliances mixes and blends ingredients of your choice quickly, reliably and, above all, more quietly than other blenders.

If you don’t see the kitchen appliances you need, please contact us and we will look for you.