Water is the most vital requirement for human life. It is the single most important nutrient that the body ingests. Every cell, tissue and organ needs water to function properly System SpringWater Treatment retains almost 100% of the minerals in the water, such as calcium, magnesium and fluorine. The water treatment system effectively removes eSpring over 140 potential contaminants and destroys more than 99.99% of the bacteria and viruses in the water, thanks to the combination of a compressed block of activated carbon and ultraviolet light technology . Monitoraje mail that warns of problems and the time they have to change the filter.


Disinfectants: If your tap water is treated at a local or regional water treatment facility, a disinfecting agent (typically chlorine or chloramines) is used. During the disinfection process, low levels of disinfection by-products can form when the disinfectant reacts with naturally occurring organic matter in the water. Some of these compounds are suspected carcinogens, and regulatory agencies are trying to reduce the levels. The pressed carbon block in the eSpring® System is very effective at reducing disinfectant by-products.
During tests by NSF International, the eSpringSystem met or exceeded the reduction standards for disinfection by-products such as THMs (trihalomethanes), including chloroform, bromoform, bromodichloromethane, and chlorodibromomethane.
Pesticides and Pesticide By-ProductsPesticide contamination of groundwater and surface water is an increasing concern, particularly in agricultural areas. Although pesticide contamination of drinking water does not appear to be widespread, water quality surveys have shown it does occur. The extent of drinking water contamination and the health effects of consuming low levels of pesticides are not yet known. Tests conducted by NSF International have resulted in certification of the eSpringWater Purifier for the effective reduction of a number of different pesticides and pesticide by-products.


The average person’s body is 60% water, so it’s not surprising we need a lot of it to stay fit and healthy. For good health, it is recommended to drink eight glasses of water a day. Water is essential for a good metabolism and helps maintain a healthy weight, increased energy and mental wellbeing. Water helps carry oxygen, essential vitamins and minerals around your system, helping your body to operate at its optimal level. This process also supports the growth and regeneration of cells, organs and skin, keeping us looking younger, longer. Naturally, the quality of the water you drink can make a significant difference. CLEAN, FRESH TAP WATER —NOW WITH FEWER ADDED INGREDIENTS Water is as essential to us as the air we breathe. We instinctively know that a deep breath of crisp, fresh and unpolluted mountain air is better for us than a lungful in the city. Even though the quality of the air may seem acceptably clear and odourless, we know it’s what we can’t see or smell that makes all the difference. Yet we’re not always as aware of the quality of the water we drink every day from the kitchen tap. It might look perfectly fine. But what CAN’T you see?Whether from a public water supply, a private water tank or a sparkling mountain spring, water is always more than just pure H2O. Between the reservoir and your glass, tap water collects and absorbs contaminants and other unwanted additives from pipes, tanks, rocks, riverbeds and treatment processes. Even what we would consider clean, fresh water can contain various particles, contaminants, microorganisms, heavy metals, sediment, residues and chemicals. Water filtration and purification technology can remove harmful contaminants so that what ends up in your glass is more H20 and less everything else. WATER FOR YOUR FAMILY —WATER FOR LIFE So every glass of cool, crystal clear water from your eSpringsystem is helping your body at every level —from your cells, to your organs through to your eyes and skin.Water. The original health drink and still the best.

eSpring Water Purifieris certified by NSF International ( NSF / ANSI Standards42, 53, 55B and 401 ) and has earned the Gold Sealof Water Quality Association( Water Quality Association).