Smeg will launch a new hand beater in November 2017

The appliance manufacturer Italian Smeg launches its new retro-style hand beater from the 50’s. It will add to the rest of the company’s small appliances. The coffee machine, the kettle (standard and variable temperature), the toaster (for 2 and 4 slices), the juicer, the blender, the kitchen robot and slow blender. All of the same retro line from the 50’s. It will be available in red, cream, blue and black. We don’t have confirmation yet if they will launch other known colours from the rest of the kitchen appliances 50’s retro line.

First of all, Smeg hand beater will have a complete set of accessories and a power of 700 W with turbo function. So it will become an excellent and versatile tool to prepare the most delicious recipes. The FlowBlend® stainless steel blade and its adjustable speed guarantee the best results. So its design incorporates ergonomic and non-slip handle, as well as an arm of stainless steel easy to interchange with other accessories.

“The hand beater guarantees excellent cutting results and easy preparation”

The features of the new Smeg hand beater makes it possible to mix and cut even the toughest fruits and vegetables. Always guaranteeing the best results in terms of softness and creaminess. Most of all the stainless steel shaft and blades guarantee excellent cutting results and easy preparation. Because combined with the exclusive FLOWBLEND® system will make it possible.

Smeg’s state-of-the-art technology, combined with its unique design and retro look from the 50s retro-style collection, make this small appliance an iconic object that conveys a great personality, capable of creating a unique ambience in the kitchen

“Finally the new hand beater will be launched in blue, cream, red and black”

A new family member will be available in early November and thanks to its versatility and easy use. The new HBF02 hand mixer of the 50’s retro line will allow recipes of all kinds with that touch of creativity and style that always has distinguished Smeg products.

The Smeg hand beater has been designed to be durable, functional and perfectly useful with its ergonomic and anti-slip handle. Consequently the HBF02 hand beater is an indispensable appliance for fast and intelligent cooking. At the top of the handle is the speed control, which makes it very easy to use. Especially relevant is the Turbo function takes full advantage of the engine of 700 W.

As a result hand beater HBF02 will feature a complete set of accessories that extends its range of uses. The 1.4 liter Tritan® graduated glass, resistant to impact and without BPA, with a comfortable lid to save what you use; the shredder with S-shaped stainless steel blades at different heights for better crushing inside the Tritan® container with non-slip base; vegetable shredder with removable reducer and plastic blades; and finally the stainless steel beater to beat the egg whites and whipped cream. This appliance is very practical accessory and easy to connect and disassemble.