Qubo Badis bins are handcrafted in fibreglass and have 30 liters capacity, compatible with the standard trash bags for that size. Since they are made on request you can order any color (RAL ® range) for lacquered or metallic finishes.

“Two models: Amphora design or Asymmetric lines design”

There are many possible additional uses for our Qubes such as a side table, stool, fridge or ice bucket. Now available in two models but with infinite combinations; a classic model inspired by an amphora (JARRON / VASE) and a more modern model with asymmetric lines (DESIGN.me).
The Qubo Badis ® concept is that the garbage / recycling bin should be part of the decoration. It’s equivalent to extract a module from the kitchen and turn it into a decorative, mobile and multipurpose object.

It is the first outer cube ever that is integrated with the kitchen that is placed on market. Its incorporation as an element of the kitchen releases the space usually used for one of the garbage / recycling containers which makes it particularly suitable for confined spaces, prominent design spaces or highly integrated kitchens. In addition, the mobile characteristic of the element allows moving it to terraces, pool areas, barbecue areas or others.

“It generates a thermal barrier retarding the appearance of odors”

The design incorporates an insulation air chamber that generates a thermal barrier. Consequently, retarding the appearance of odors when medium and high temperatures. Fixing system for concealed pouch, magic fix, with Steel zinc plated hoop and invisible neodymium magnets.

As a result, the cover is made by artisan carpenters in natural and certified woods (FSC® and PEFC of ecological guarantee). It has a watertight rubber joint. The high end nickel plated steel hinges European manufacture and automatic closing (in some models, soft closing).

The hinges are completely concealed when the cover is closed which enhances its aesthetic value. Some models are equipped with soft closing thanks to special hinges. Transparent hidden wheels are optional and are silent and floor anti-marking.

“This accessory will look integrated in all kind of ambient”

In conclusion, it is an accessory with contract soul that adapts immediately in the reception or waiting room of clinics, centers of advanced medicine, in offices of high standing, common areas or halls of hotels, terraces of bars or restaurants, etc.