KitchenSpain wants to provide you the best appliances for your kitchen. We love to look for things that we will can probably never buy for ourselves. Seems like a little weird but we are very weird.

KitchenSpain, first of all, brings to you the best products and small household appliances that are highly innovative and have an original and sophisticated design. We are in this fantastic world since a few years, as a response of the demand of our clients because we are kitchen designers since 2007, and, most of all, we also provide to our customers all kind of products for the table, cutlery, crockery, silverware, flatware, glassware and amazing household appliances, like we said before.

First of all, our main interest with this website we would like to offer you a resume of the best brands in the kitchen world. Those brand who, for us, are designing and manufacturing the coolest products around the world, and now, are being offered in one site, all for you, with all the guaranties and post sales service.

In addition, our international staff is ready to satisfy any request or question you have. As a result, we are passionate and really enjoy doing this work because we are astonished of the elegance of this products that you will never be tired. In conclusion, it is the perfect final touch of a unique kitchen.


KitchenSpain is known as a dynamic and innovative business, with passion and engagement. Especially relevant, a practical approach to running a successful business and roots deeply anchored in the danish traditions and the Spanish honesty and friendly. Finally, we have an open organization in the shop in Altea, Costablanca, Spain , so the shop is located on the road between Altea and Benidorm, with a fantastic selection of products from our suppliers. Especially relevant our business policy is that every employee has responsibilities focused on strengths and competence. In addition, our philosophy is to show compassionate responsibility to our customers. This is our foundation and one of our core values.

KitchenSpain is subsidiary to Casa Interior, a kitchen shop with the best Italian and German brands. It is managed by danish Carsten Klinksgaard, with more than 20 years of experience in Denmark and 10 years in Spain. KitchenSpain, is in conclusion like we explained before, born like a respond of the need to our customers needs to complete their new kitchen with some of the best, original and sophisticated appliances and kitchenware.


Design is not only about appearance. Consequently, design is a combination of aesthetics, functionality and choice of materials. A good design makes beautiful products. A product that is a joy to use and look at.

Colours or metallic accessories, mate, glossy or metal.
Orange, red, pink, blue and green. Bright beautiful colours are the new trend. Here at KitchenSpain, we find that trend very inspiring and uplifting. With very few accessories you can add a lot of colour to your kitchen and your home in general.
Still we also realize that the glossy, mate and metallic is an ongoing trend. That trend allows KitchenSpain to follow the principle of “quality over quantity”. Discover a range of colourful and metallic accessories, that will give you the luxurious twist you always wanted for your kitchen.

Therefore, us, at KitchenSpain, promise you that we can supply the best of the best in regards to timeless, cool, luxurious and high quality design for your home. We have put a lot of effort into electing the most beautiful and functional products. We are inspired by the thought of the home as a meeting point for family and friends. A place you can enjoy and be proud of.

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